If you have emails scheduled but are not being sent, it is possible that you have exceeded the daily email limit (700 emails). If you have remaining emails, they will automatically be rescheduled to the following day.  

Also, it is possible that the service provider you use have their own internal limits, exceeding which you will not be able to send more emails - this varies from different service providers as well as your email reputation. 

Other reasons why your emails may not be sent as scheduled:

1. Delivery Window

The number of emails that will be sent from Klenty is directly related to your delivery window set up in your step settings - if you have a small delivery window, Klenty sends as many emails possible ( as per your email interval) and reschedules any remaining emails to the following day in the same delivery window. 

2. Email Interval

Klenty has a minimum email interval of 30 seconds and a maximum of 300 seconds (five minutes). The number of emails that will be sent from your account depends on the email interval you've set. 

3. Multiple Cadences

If you have multiple Cadences running at the same time, emails will go out from the Cadence that was scheduled first and if the daily email limit is hit, or the remaining emails fall outside the delivery window, Klenty will reschedule these emails. 

Tip: When running multiple Cadences, it helps to have different delivery window for each of the Cadence to make sure that emails go out from all the Cadences. 

 4. Cadence Throttle

If you have set Cadence throttle, this will limit the number of emails that will go out from a particular Cadence. 

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