In Klenty, the emails are sent according to how the Cadences are scheduled. 

If you are running multiple Cadences at the time and want to spread out the emails to be sent between all Cadences, you can fix a limit on how many new emails will go out from a particular Cadence in a day. 

This is particularly useful if you are adding prospects to the same cadence consistently every day and you want to make sure all the prospects in this cadence receive their emails.

For example, say your cadence throttle is set to 200 - if you were to add 400 prospects to the cadence, 200 will be emailed the first day and the remaining 200 will be rescheduled to the next day. If there are any follow up emails to the old prospects, that will be sent without any restriction.

To enable Cadence throttle, select a Cadence, click on Settings and enable Cadence throttle, specify the number of emails. Make sure to publish the changes for the settings to be applied for all the prospects in this cadence.

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