If you have imported prospects to Klenty and created a Cadence, you are just one step away from sending emails to them;

There are two ways you can add prospects to a Cadence:

i. From the Prospects page
From the Cadence page

I. Adding prospects from the Prospects page

  1. In the dashboard, select the prospects you want to run email campaigns to and click on the ‘Add to Cadence’ button.
  2. Select the Cadence you want to add the prospects to and click on 'Review'.
  3. Click on 'Preview and start' to see a preview or 'Start Cadence' to directly start the Cadence.

Note: You can select all the prospects or only those prospects in the particular page. 

II. Adding prospects from the Cadence page

  1. In the Cadences page, click on Cadence and select the cadence in which you want to add the prospects to. 
  2. Click on ‘Add Prospects to Cadence’ button in the top right.

You can add prospects from CSV files, Google Sheets, manually create a new prospect or simply add existing prospects to a cadence.

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