Once a Cadence is created, you can make the following changes to be applied to existing and new prospects in the Cadence.

  1. Add new steps – it can be an email, call, or task
  2. Toggle email steps on/off. For example, A/B testing.
  3. Increase/decrease the interval between steps.
  4. Change Step-wise settings such as set a From-id, delivery window, as a reply, and more.
  5. Update Cadence settings which include Skip weekends, Stop Cadence on reply and Set a time zone.

After editing the Cadence, make sure to click on Publish to ensure the updates are saved and applied to any prospects already in the Cadence.

Publish Changes

When you click on Publish Changes, there are 2 options.

  1. You can choose to Publish Changes only for future prospects that will be added, thus not affecting any prospects already in the Cadence.

2. To apply the changes to existing prospects, select the checkbox to 'Apply changes to prospects who are already in this Cadence' and click on Publish and update all prospects in this Cadence.

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