If you’re not using Gmail or Outlook, you can use SMTP (to send emails on your behalf) and IMAP (to track replies) to add your email account to Klenty.

You’ll need:

  • The host name and port number for SMTP and IMAP from your email provider/server.
  • Your email account should have IMAP enabled.

To connect your email account in Klenty:

  1. In your Klenty account, go to Settings -> User -> Email account and click on SMTP/IMAP or select SMTP/IMAP in the connect email pop up box.
  2. Fill in the SMTP details. You’ll need your email id, password, the SMTP server, and port number (from your provider). 
  3. Similarly, fill in the IMAP details and click on Connect.

To successfully connect your Gmail account using SMTP/IMAP, make sure to: 

1.Enable IMAP details

In your Gmail settings. enable IMAP access:


2. Enable Less Secure apps

For apps requiring IMAP details, you have to enable the option of signing in less secure apps in your Gmail account.

You can do this from your Gmail Settings or click here.

3. Generate app password if 2-Factor Authentication is enabled

If you have enabled 2-factor authentication for your Gmail account, you need to generate an app password in Gmail for third-party applications and use that in your IMAP details.

Here's a guide to help generate your app password.


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