Quick views

Your dashboard displays some quick views for prospects that are Not Contacted, Bounced, Replied, Unsubscribed, and Not Replied.

Note: the numbers here might not add up since there are some prospect statuses that aren’t shown in the quick views. These include Error Stopped, Auto Replied, and Manually Stopped.

Prospect status

Prospects can be in one of the following statuses

Not Contacted - recently imported and haven't been emailed yet
In Cadence - actively in a cadence
One Off Emailed - recently sent a one-off email or mail merge
Cadence Replied - replied while actively in a cadence
One Off Replied - replied to a one-off/mail merge email
Calendly Replied - Calendly meeting booked by the prospect
Cadence Completed - completed a cadence with no replies
Auto Reply Stopped - cadence stopped due to an auto-reply
Manually Stopped - removed from a cadence manually by a user
Bounced - received a bounce message
Unsubscribed - unsubscribed using the link inserted in cadence/one off emails
Do not contact - status set manually by user to prevent emails being sent

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