Klenty periodically checks your mailbox to see if you received any replies from your prospects. If it finds a reply, it logs this in the system and removes the prospect from the cadence.

When you receive a reply from your prospect:

  1. The reply first comes to your mailbox.
  2. Klenty then checks the "Inbox" folder of your mailbox for any potential replies.
  3. When a reply is detected - Klenty logs it in the app and the respective prospect is removed from the cadence.

Three necessary conditions for Klenty to track your replies:

  1. It takes about 30 minutes for Klenty to track your replies in the mailbox. In case, you do not find your reply in Klenty, check when received this response in the mailbox.
  2. Klenty can only track replies from the "Inbox" folder of your mailbox. If the reply is moved to a different folder or archived, Klenty will not be able to identify the reply, causing the cadence follow up emails to continue sending.
  3. Klenty can track replies only when it comes from an email address that is stored in the system. If your prospects reply from an address that is not saved in Klenty for them - their replies can't be tracked.
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