What is a cadence?

A cadence is a sequence of emails and tasks to follow up with prospects. A Cadence can be created for any type of outreach - cold emails to new prospects, following up with inbound leads, etc.

To begin

  1. Cadences > Create Cadence
  2. Give it a name 
  3. Add a step

A cold email Cadence has multiple steps.  You can choose the step to be an email or a task. 

Email step 

1. Click on the + to Add Mail. Here you’ll add the template Klenty will use to email your prospects. 

To personalize the emails, you can click on {{Placeholders}} at the bottom right of your template. For example, you can start your email with 'Hi {{First name}}’ which will be automatically changed to reflect your prospects first name when the email is sent. 

2. Click on 'Signature' to insert a signature you've set-up. 

3. When your template is ready, click on 'Send test email' on the bottom right to make sure it’s good.

4. Click on the 'Add' button on the top right corner to add the template to
your cadence.

Follow-up steps 

To add the next step in your cadence 

  1. Click on the + button to the left to 'Add New step' to add another step in your cadence 

2. Set the number of days you would like to wait before the next step is triggered

3. Follow the steps earlier to add an email to a cadence 

Step setting

At each email step, you can click on ‘Step Settings’ to customise your cadence.

  1. Delivery Window: you can schedule the time the emails are sent. Any emails pending at the end of the window will be rescheduled to the next day. 

2.Schedule days: you can decide which days your emails will be sent through and unselect the days you’d like to omit.

3. From email Id: if you're in a team, you can select from a list of email ids that are connected. By default, this picks up your email Id. 

4. Approve before sending: you can choose to approve the email instead of sending them automatically. 

5. Unsubscribe link: enabled by default. You can disable if you choose. 

Make sure to select 'Copy the setting to all steps in the Cadence' 

Cadence settings

  1. Set Time Zone: set a time zone for your cadence emails. The deliver window will follow this time zone. 

2. Stop Cadence on Reply: enabled by default, this option ensures no further follow up emails are sent to a prospect who replies to you. 

When your Cadence is, all set click on 'Add Prospects to Cadence' to start scheduling emails.

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