When running email campaigns, it is important to make sure that the fields used in your template matches with the standard fields in Klenty and any custom fields added. 

Klenty validates the placeholders you have used in your template to avoid any errors in adding emails to your Cadence.

If you have used a placeholder in your template but the same has not been mapped as a field, you can fix it right away by adding it as a Custom Field.

Klenty also checks for possible typos, text-case in your placeholders and suggests the right placeholder to use.  

When importing CSV files

In addition to validating placeholders in your email templates, Klenty also checks if you have mapped fields correctly when importing via CSV Sheets - you can see the list of fields used in your Cadence and map any unmapped fields. 

For example, say you have used a field 'Company' in your emails but it has not been mapped in Klenty yet, the field will appear 'unchecked' in the list of fields used in your Cadence. Once you map all fields, you will see green check boxes, indicating that you are good to go! 

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