You might be wondering why some scheduled emails don't get sent and instead land in your Outbox's Errors section. The following are 3 of the most common reasons you're likely to encounter:

1. Failed to send. Your email server has not accepted the email.

You will see this message when your email server fails to accept the message. Klenty does not operate a mail server; we use your email account provider's server to send emails. Klenty tries sending emails until the server accepts them. However, after multiple attempts, the emails go to your Outbox's Errors section if it continues to fail.

In order to send these emails, please head to Mailbox > Outbox > Errors > Change pagination to 100 > Select All > Retry. When you do this, the emails will get sent.

2. Incomplete prospect data in email content, {{ }} tags detected.

You will see this message whenever a prospect does not contain a value for the placeholder field you've used in your email template. You can choose to open the email, update the required value, and then click on the Overrule button to send the email.

3. The domain is blacklisted by your admin.

You will see this message whenever a prospect's domain has been added in the Blacklist Domains section found in Settings > Prospects.

However, if you want to overrule and send the email(s) to the prospect(s), you can head to Mailbox > Outbox > Errors > Select Mail(s) > Overrule.

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