Managing Prospects

How to add prospects to a cadence

There are two ways you can add prospects to a cadence and schedule emails.

From Prospect List
From Prospects page

From Prospect List
  1. Go to Prospects -> Prospect List.
  2. Click on the Start Cadence button next to the list.

3. Select the prospects and click on Start Cadence.

4. Select the cadence that you want to link to the Prospects and click on Send Now or Send Later to schedule the emails.

From Prospects page
  • In Klenty, go to the Prospects page.
  • Select the prospects you wish to start a cadence for and click on Start Cadence. (Note: the default view displays 10 results per page, you can increase that to 100)
  • Choose the Cadence you wish to send from the list.
  • In the Preview box, you can verify the emails look good for each step in the cadence and change content if necessary.
  • You can use the Send Test Mail button and test the emails before they are sent out.
  • Click on Start to start your Cadence.