Gmail Plugin

Chrome extension in Gmail

The Klenty Chrome extension can be used within Gmail to perform a number of activities that don’t require you to log in to Klenty.

  1. Track emails – opens and clicks

Use the Chrome extension to track emails. When you hit Compose, the Klenty options show up at the bottom of the window.

  • Enabling the Track option will allow Klenty to track when the email is opened or replied to.
  • Click on the Insert trackable link to add a link that you’d like Klenty to track.

Note: all emails will be tracked if you enable the Track option, even if the recipient is not a prospect in Klenty. However, the email’s content and any replies will not be stored.

You can find the engagement for this email in your Klenty account by going to Mails -> Sent Items.

2. Select templates from Klenty

Click on the Templates icon to insert a template that you have created in Klenty.

3. Set up reminders

Click on the Reminders/Cadences icon to send yourself a reminder email.


4. Add to cadence

Click on the Reminders/Cadences icon to add the prospect to a cadence if there is no reply.