Use Klenty in Pipedrive with the Chrome plugin

Use the Klenty chrome extension to push prospects to Klenty from within Pipedrive. Start, Stop, or Resume a cadence from inside the CRM page.
  1. Push prospects to Klenty
  2. How to start a cadence

Push prospects to Klenty

Login to your Pipedrive account and navigate to Contacts -> People.

Click on the extension and log in using your Klenty credentials.

You will find the prospects list from the CRM page in the extension tab.

Select the prospects to be pushed to Klenty and click on Push to Klenty. You’ll find the CRM icon turning blue after successful pushing.




















How to start a cadence

Select the prospects and click on Start cadence button and select a cadence from the cadence list.

You’ll also be able to preview the mail before starting the cadence.

And click on Start to start the cadence.

The prospect status will be changed to In cadence.

You can stop the cadence by clicking the Stop cadence button and resume the same by clicking the Resume cadence button.