Clone and archive cadence

Clone Cadence

Clone cadence allows you to create an exact copy of the cadence, that you can later modify as needed. You might use this feature when you want a new cadence with similar steps as an old one, or when you need to make changes to the cadence steps for a specific set of prospects.

To clone cadence:
  1. Login to you Klenty account. Go to Cadences.
  2. Against the cadence that you wish to clone, click on the Clone Cadence button to the right.
  3. Give the new cadence a name here.
  4. You can now click on the new cadence and make changes as you need.

Archive cadence

Before you archive a cadence, make sure there are no emails being sent from the cadence. Archived cadences cannot be retrieved, so do check if there’s any data that you need before you remove it.

To archive a cadence:
  1. In your Klenty account, go to Cadences.
  2. Against the cadence that you want to remove, click on the Archive Cadence button on the right.
  3. Click on Confirm to archive.