Custom domain for tracking

What is tracking?

Tracking involves identifying when prospects open an email or click on a link included in the email. Both of these are managed using a URL that Klenty inserts in all emails.

While this is standard practice, this can sometimes trigger spam alerts leading to emails being blocked.

The URL that we insert is routinely changed to avoid this problem. However, to give you more control over your emails, we allow you to provide a custom domain that can be used only for your emails.

How this works

Klenty will use the custom domain that you provide as the link that will be inserted to track opens, clicks, and unsubscribes. This reduces the chances of the emails being marked as spam since the links will only be used by you.

To set up
  1. Create a custom domain at your domain management panel. We recommend a subdomain, like
  2. Create a CNAME record for this subdomain that points to <>
  3. In Klenty, go to Settings, and click on Custom domain tracking in the Email section.
  4. Enter the domain that you created in the Custom Domain field.
  5. Click on Verify to ensure the CNAME record is set up correctly and then click on Save.