Email Preferences

Go to Settings -> Email Preferences to customize your email settings, which includes the following.
  1. Track Links
  2. Unsubscribe Link
  3. Display Name
  4. Time Zone
  5. Email Signature
  6. Email Images
  7. Daily Email Limit
  8. Email Interval
1. Track Links

Enable to track clicks on links that you include in your emails.

2. Unsubscribe Link

You can choose to enable an unsubscribe link and allow your recipients to opt out of your emails.

You can also customise the unsubscribe link to include the text of your choice. Make sure you add the text for the hyperlink in curly double braces like this – {{unsubscribe}}.

3. Display Name

If you wish to include a Display Name for your outbound emails, you can do so here, to provide credibility to your emails. If you do not set a display name, your recipients will see only the email address you’re sending from.

4. Time Zone

Set a Time Zone for your emails that will be used if you schedule cadence emails to be sent at a particular time.

You can also specify the Time Zone within each cadence. If you haven’t set the time zone for each cadence, or choose to have the same across all cadences, you can set the Time Zone here.

Make sure to click on Save once you’re done.

5. Email Signature

Create email signatures that you’d like to use in your emails. While writing an email or a template, you can choose the signature from the tool box to add signatures you’ve created.

You can use the standard formatting options that are present at the tool box at the bottom of the panel. Make sure to click on Save once you’re done.

You can create multiple signatures, come back to edit or delete them at any time.

If you need to include images in your signature, see below.

6. Email Images

To add images to your emails, including the email signature, you can upload them to the Email Preferences settings.

Click on Choose file, select the image you want to upload, give it a name, and click on Save.

Alternatively, within the email template, you can upload images from the toolbox.

7. Daily Email Limit

With each account, you can send a maximum of 700 emails in a 24-hour period. You can reduce this further if required.

Any scheduled emails will follow the limit that is configured. If the emails exceed the limit, they will be rescheduled to the next day.


8. Email Interval

Klenty has a default interval of 2 minutes between emails. This improves your email deliverability and is the recommended interval.

You can customize this interval to suit your needs. However, the email limit (default of 700 or the configured limit) will still apply.