Managing Prospects

Export Prospects

You can export prospects from Klenty in a CSV format.


  1. Go to the Prospects page and select the prospects you wish to export, or use the Prospect Filter to select a specific set of prospects – like email availability. Use the drop down to either select all prospects on the dashboard or just the ones on the page.
  2. Click on the More button and in the drop-down, select Export CSV.
  3. You’re presented with the prospect fields, including any custom fields you have created. Select the fields you want to include in your file and click on Export.

You might see different options based on the number of prospects you select to export.

Export, which is used when a limited number of prospects are selected, will be downloaded as a CSV file to your local system.

Export All, which is used to export all prospects in Klenty, will be sent in an email as a CSV file.