Getting Started

How to create a cadence

Cadences are useful to schedule a sequence of personalized emails, tasks, and follow-ups for prospects. This helps to streamline your outreach activities and manage your emails automatically.

Add an email step
Add a task
Additional steps
A/B testing

To begin, go to CadencesCreate Cadence.

You can choose a step to be an email or a task.

Add an email step

When you click on Add Mail, you have two options.

1. You can create a new template and save it to the cadence.

Add an Email Subject and the body of your email.

You can use placeholders (from the tool box button that says {{Placeholder}} to insert to the email body and {{-}} button to insert to the email subject) in your template to personalize your emails. For example, you can start off your email with “Hi {{FirstName}}” which will be automatically changed to reflect your prospect’s first name when the email is sent.

Now add the template to a Template Category, give it a name, and click on SAVE AND INSERT TO CADENCE.

2. You can also click on USE AN EXISTING TEMPLATE to retrieve templates you’ve created previously, and choose the template you want to add to the cadence.

Once you select the template you want to use, you can modify it to suit your cadence if required, then click on INSERT TO CADENCE.

Add a task

You can add a task to keep track of tasks you want to perform outside Klenty. For example, find the prospect on LinkedIn, send a demo invite, etc.

Enter details of the Task in the Subject and text fields and click on Save.

Additional steps

To add the next step in your cadence, click on the + button.

Set the number of days you want to wait for this step.

Click on the + button to add the second step.

You can add as many steps as you need.

A/B testing

You can A/B test your emails at any step to see which works better.

At the email step that you want to A/B test, after adding your first template, click on the A/B TEST button. Select from Templates or create a new template and insert to the cadence.

Now both emails will be split equally when sending to your prospects and you can view Step Wise Metrics to see how each option is faring.

Step wise settings

At each email step, you can go to the gear button to manage the following settings.

Select From Id – you can choose a team member’s email id here. By default, this picks up your email id.

Set Delivery Window – you can schedule the time you want your emails to start going out.

Add Unsubscribe Link – this is enabled by default. You can remove the check box if you don’t want to include an unsubscribe link.

Send After Confirmation – for emails scheduled in the cadence after the first step, you can select this option to approve the emails before they are sent.

As a Reply – for emails scheduled in the cadence after the first step, you can select this option if you’d like to include the previous email in this email’s thread. If you have multiple steps, you can select which of the previous emails you’d like to include in the thread.

Cadence Settings

Skip weekends – enable this option to send emails only on weekdays.

Stop Cadence on Reply – enabled by default, this option ensures no further follow up emails are sent to a prospect that replies to you.

Set Time Zone – set a time zone for your cadence emails. This will be used if you specify a Delivery Window at any of the email steps.