Using the Klenty Chrome plugin within Freshsales

The Klenty Chrome extension automatically identifies prospects when loaded in Freshsales, so you can push prospects to Klenty and start, resume, or stop a cadence.
Get the Klenty Chrome extension here.
  1. Push Prospects from Freshsales to Klenty
  2. Prospect actions
Push Prospects from Freshsales to Klenty
  • Open the Klenty¬†extension within your Freshsales account.
  • You’ll see Klenty automatically detects the prospects from the page.
  • Select the prospects you wish to import and click on Push to Klenty.


Prospect actions

You can perform the following actions for your prospects using the Klenty extension within Freshsales.

  • Start/stop cadence
  • Place a call
  • Send a one-off email
  • Create a task