How to integrate Pipedrive with Klenty

Klenty has a native integration with Pipedrive that helps you 1) import and export prospects, 2) Start, stop and resume cadences directly from Pipedrive using the Klenty chrome extension, and 3) Track activities such as email opens, clicks and replies.

It is a quick and easy process to integrate Pipedrive with Klenty. All you need is a working Pipedrive account and a Pipedrive API token.

How to get the API Token?
  • Login to your Pipedrive account.
  • Navigate to settings -> Personal  -> API, where you will find the token.
  • Copy the API token.

Then login to your Klenty account and go to Settings -> CRM settings.

Click on Pipedrive and enter your Pipedrive email id and paste the API token copied to successfully integrate Pipedrive with Klenty.