Managing Prospects

Prospects Dashboard

The Prospects Dashboard helps you get a quick idea of the status of your prospects. You can also manage your prospects, send emails, start/stop cadence, and export prospects from the dashboard.
Quick views:

Your dashboard displays some quick views for prospects that are Not Contacted, Bounced, Replied, Unsubscribed, and Not Replied.

Note: the numbers here might not add up since there are some prospect statuses that aren’t shown in the quick views. These include Error Stopped, Auto Replied, and Manually Stopped.

Prospect status:

For each prospect, you can view the following information on the dashboard. Click on the prospect name to view full details of the prospect, including Activity history.

  • Prospect Name
  • Company
  • Lists/Tags they belong to
  • email id
  • synced with CRM
  • For prospects In Cadence – the cadence they belong to and the last step completed.
  • Prospect status such as Cadence Completed, Cadence Replied, Not Contacted, Bounced, etc.