Schedule cadence emails

Scheduling your cadence emails is especially useful if you will be adding prospects at any time but would prefer that the cadence emails reach the prospects at the right time.

Delivery Window

Cadences have a Delivery window feature available in each email step, using which you can schedule cadence emails to start sending at a specific time.



You can configure a cadence time zone in Settings for each cadence. By default, the cadence uses your time zone (configured in Settings – User Preferences).

Send Later

While adding prospects to a cadence, you can schedule the emails to send at a specific time. This is helpful when you don’t need the emails to start sending immediately but don’t necessarily have a delivery window set in the cadence.

To schedule a cadence using Send Later:

  1. Go to Prospects page and select the prospects you need to add.
  2. Click on Start Cadence.
  3. You’ll see a list of your cadences. Once you select the cadence, you can choose to either Send Now or Send Later.
  4. Once you click on Send Later, select the date and time you want to schedule the emails for.