How to set up an integration using Zapier

With Zapier, you can integrate Klenty with any app that you’re using to set up a seamless, and robust workflow.

The following actions and triggers are available for use in Zapier.

  • on send prospect to a webhook
  • reply received from a prospect
  • start cadence for a prospect
  • on cadence completed for a prospect
  • on a bounce message received for a prospect
  • start cadence for a prospect
  • stop cadence for a prospect
  • resume cadence for a prospect
  • update prospect email id for a prospect
  • update prospect details (except email id)
  • add prospect
  • stop all scheduled emails for a prospect
Follow these steps to add your Klenty account to Zapier.
  1. Get your Klenty API key from Settings -> API in the Integrations section and copy the Klenty API key.
  2. Login to your Zapier account and go to Connected Accounts.
  3. Click on Search, type in and select Klenty.
  4. Enter the Klenty API key and your Klenty username.
  5. Click on Test to make sure it works well.

And that’s it! Go to Make a Zap to start using your Klenty account with Zapier or try out one of these templates.

Here’s an example of using Zapier to create an entry in Google Sheets when a prospect completes a cadence in Klenty.
To set up the Trigger:
  1. In your Zapier account, click on Make a Zap.
  2. Select Klenty in Choose a Trigger App.
  3. In Select a Klenty Trigger, select On Cadence Completed and click on Continue.
  4. You will see the Klenty account that you connected earlier. Select and click on Save + Continue.
  5. Click on Fetch & Continue.
  6. This will run a test to ensure you have a cadence available in Klenty. Once it is successful, click on Continue.
To set up the Action:
  1. Now you’ll need to Choose an Action App. We’ll be selecting Google Sheets.
  2. In Select Google Sheet Action, select Create Spreadsheet Row.
  3. If your Google Sheets account is already connected, select and click on Continue. If not, click on Connect an Account to set up your Google Sheets account.
  4. In Set up Google Sheets Spreadsheet Row, select the spreadsheet you want to update and the worksheet. You can now select the prospect fields that you want to add to the Sheet, like the First Name, Last Name, and Email. Click on Continue.
  5. You can run a test here to make sure it works well and click on Finish to start using your zap.