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How do I review a Cadence's performance?
How do I review a Cadence's performance?

Instructions on reviewing emails in a Cadence.

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Once you’ve created a Cadence and it’s in progress, you can view and manage scheduled emails for that Cadence.

  1. Login to your Klenty account and go to Cadences.

  2. Select the Cadence you wish to review and go to Emails.

The list here shows all emails in the Cadence.

You can quickly review the emails with the engagement status that shows if the recipient has either opened, clicked, or replied to the email.

You can also use the Filter function if you wish to get a better idea of the Cadence’s status.

Filter parameters include:

  • User - view the emails of the team user you wish to see

  • Cadence Step Number - view emails specific to individual steps in the Cadence

  • Mail Scheduled At - view emails scheduled at a selected date range

  • High Intent Prospect - view emails of only the high intent prospects

  • Engagements - view Opens, Clicks, or Replies to your emails.

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