You’ll need:

  • The host name and port number for SMTP and IMAP from your email provider/server.

  • Your email account should have IMAP enabled.

To connect your email account with the alias address:

  1. In your Klenty account, go to Settings > Email account and click on SMTP/IMAP or select SMTP/IMAP in the connect email pop up box

2. In the SMTP section:

email id: enter the alias address
username and password: enter the primary email address and password
SMTP host: enter the SMTP server
SMTP port: enter the SMTP port
Select the checkbox to Use SSL if required

3. In the IMAP section

username and password: enter your email address and password
IMAP host: enter the IMAP server
IMAP port: enter the IMAP port

4. Click on Connect. Here is a quick video to help you connect your alias email address with Klenty

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