Exporting to Pipedrive

Description on exporting to Pipedrive from Klenty.

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Note: A prospect should have a first name or the last name, as it's a mandatory field for successful export from Klenty to Pipedrive.

Export prospects from Klenty to Pipedrive in two simple steps.  

  1. From the Prospects page, select all the prospects that you wish to export.

  2. Click on the 3 dot icon and select Create a Person in Pipedrive.

Once you choose the option "Create a person in Pipedrive" you will get a notification mentioning the person(s) created. This indicates the person has been created in Pipedrive.

The sync with CRM(cloud) icon will turn blue when hovered, indicating that the prospects have been exported.

You can also select more than 1 prospect (max 100) and export them to Pipedrive.

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