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Using the Chrome Extension for Gmail
Using the Chrome Extension for Gmail

Where to find it and what it can do

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You can use the Klenty Chrome extension within Gmail to perform several activities that don’t require you to log in to Klenty. You can download the Klenty extension from the Chrome Webstore here

Track emails – opens and clicks

Use the Chrome extension to track emails that you send directly from Gmail. When you hit Compose, the Klenty options show up at the bottom of the window.

  1. Enabling the Track option will allow Klenty to track when the email is opened, clicked or replied to

  2. Add your Klenty calendar link to your email - Click here to know more about calendar

  3. Click on the Insert trackable link to add a link that you’d like Klenty to track

You can find this email’s engagement in your Klenty account either in the Live Feed or in the sent items.

2. Select templates from Klenty

Click on the Templates icon to insert a template that you have created and saved in Klenty.

3. Set up reminders / Cadences

Click on the Reminders/Cadences icon to send yourself a reminder email after the set time. You will receive an email in Gmail

4. Add to cadence

Click on the Reminders/Cadences icon to add the prospect to a cadence if there is no reply.

How does my reminder look like?

A reminder is sent to your email address connected to Klenty and in the same thread as your sent email to the prospect. Here is a sample screenshot of how the reminder looks:


  • Please make sure your email address is connected to your Klenty account and the chrome plugin is logged in

  • Track emails sent using Gmail plugin should be on - This can be checked from Settings --> Integrations page on your Klenty account

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