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Instructions on number of Prospects added

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Go to Reports โ€“ Cadence Reports to view the following statistics for each cadence.

  • Prospects added

  • Prospects completed

  • Opens

  • Clicks

  • Replies

  • Unsubscribes

  • Bounces

The reports display statistics against the number of prospects added to the cadence within the selected date range. So make sure to choose the correct date range in the reports for accurate numbers.

You can view Reports within each cadence that includes Stepwise and Daily Metrics.

Stepwise Metrics:

You can then view the following statistics for each step:

  • Percentage of opens

  • Percentage of clicks

  • Percentage of replies

  • Percentage of replies marked as positive and negative.

To view A/B test reports, toggle on the View A/B test reports button.

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