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What can I do with Zapier & Klenty?
What can I do with Zapier & Klenty?

A step-by-step guide on setting up any integration with Zapier.

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If you need to integrate with any app that Klenty doesn't natively integrate with, you can use Zapier.

To use the Zapier integration, you will need the Klenty API key that you can find in Settings -> Integrations -> Zapier

What is required?

  • Personal API key: This key can be used if you want to set up the Zap for your account alone

  • Company API key: This key can be used if you need to set up the Zap across your whole team

Klenty provides the following actions and triggers in Zapier.


  • On Start Cadence

  • On Reply

  • On Send Prospect

  • On Bounce

  • On Cadence Completed

  • On Unsubscribe

  • On Open

  • On Click

  • Cadence First Reply


  • Stop All Mails to Prospect

  • Start Cadence

  • Add Prospect

  • Resume Cadence

  • Unsubscribe Prospect

  • Update Prospect

  • Update Prospect by Email

  • Stop Cadence

  • Revert Prospect Status From Do Not Contact

  • Change Status to Do Not Contact

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