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What is a Cadence?

Understanding the basics of a personalized outreach.

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What is cadence?

A cadence is a sequence of emails and tasks to follow up with prospects. A cadence can be created for all kinds of outreach - cold emails to new prospects, following up with inbound leads, and so on. To begin:

  1. Cadences > Create Cadence

  2. Add Cadence Steps { Email / Call / Task }

    A cadence has multiple steps. You can choose if a step will be an email, call, or task.

  3. Cadence Name & Settings

  4. Add Prospects

    Prospects can be added while creating a cadence and after which a cadence is created as well.

  5. Status

    You can check the status of cadences on the cadence page.

    Prefer a quick tutorial instead of reading? Well, here's the video.

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