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Segment Integration

Step by Step instruction on Segment Integration

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Segment integration helps you to forward all email events to the desired destination. 

Follow the steps below to integrate Segment with Klenty. 

How to connect to Segment?

1. Search for “Klenty” from Segments Source Catalog and connect. Give a source name and click on Add Source to continue.

2. Copy the Write key from Segment

3. Log into your Klenty account and under Settings → Integration → Segment, enter your Write Key and click SAVE.

4. Choose the desired events from Klenty to be forwarded to Segment.


Following are the events that Klenty sends to Segment

Event                                              Description

Email Sent                                      Email has been sent successfully

Email Opened                                Prospect has opened the email

Link Clicked                                   Prospect has clicked the tracking link

Email Replied                                 Prospect has replied to the email sent

Email Bounced                               Email was rejected by the email servers

Email Unsubscribed                       Prospect has clicked the unsubscribe link 

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