An important part of Klenty is the tight integration with Pipedrive, which helps improve your sales workflow by adding a layer of sales engagement.

While there are a number of ways that the integration will redefine the way you use Pipedrive, here is a quick glance at how to get started with the integration.

Connecting Pipedrive to Klenty

Once you sign up for Klenty, you can connect to Pipedrive in a matter of seconds and start reaching out to prospects right away.

Here is a detailed guide on setting up the integration.

Map Klenty and Pipedrive

To import your Pipedrive contacts to Klenty, you will first need to map the data you will be importing from Pipedrive to Klenty.

Klenty automatically maps the standard fields such as name, email address, company, and phone number of the person in Pipedrive. But you can choose to map any other custom fields that you have in Pipedrive.

Import from Pipedrive

There are a couple of ways to import to Klenty from Pipedrive.

a. Set up a People filter to import to Klenty. You can even set this to automatically import new people every 6 hours.

b. Use the Klenty - Pipedrive App extension to select People and Add them to Klenty right from your Pipedrive.

Automatically Sync Data back to Pipedrive using Triggers

Setting up Triggers in Klenty helps you get the most of the integration by automatically performing an action in Pipedrive such as create tasks, persons, deals and move deal stages in Pipedrive based on activity in Klenty.

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