To import leads from Zoho CRM to Klenty, follow these steps.

  1. In your Zoho CRM, make sure you have a filter view that matches the leads or contacts you want to import to Klenty.

2. In your Klenty account, go to Prospects -> Add Prospects -> Zoho.
3. Select the filter you wish to import and click on Next.

4. Select a list to add these prospects to. You can also add tags.

5. Click on Start Import.

Import options

After you've imported from Zoho CRM, you can set the following import options for the filter view you've just imported.

Auto import: when enabled, Klenty will automatically import new leads/contacts that match the filter view you've imported. The auto-import runs every 6 hours.

Import Now: use this option to import any new leads/contacts from that filtered view. You can use this option when you don't have auto-import enabled, or when you need to immediately import prospects and cannot wait for the auto-import to run.

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