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Syncing to Zoho CRM with triggers
Syncing to Zoho CRM with triggers

Automated workflows with your Zoho CRM

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With your Zoho CRM integration, you can automatically sync email, Calls and Task activities from Klenty.

To set up the triggers, go to Settings -> CRM -> Triggers. You can enable the ones that will help your workflow.

As far as " tasks and calls " triggers are concerned it will be created as an open activity, which can be completed either from Klenty or from Zoho. Others will be created as closed activities by default and can not be customized.

Calendar Triggers is useful if your Calendar is integrated with Schedule IQ

Such as when a Prospect books a meeting via Scheduled IQ, the Trigger will create a Closed call as an activity and Update a specific field for Lead/Contact.

For Dropoff Before Booking Meeting trigger,

Using this Trigger, When a Prospect drops off before they book a meeting, they are created as a Lead/ Contact and then updates a specific field for them.

For Meeting Cancelled trigger, a specific field for Lead/contact is updated when selected.

Additional configuration settings:

If a potential Prospect is not present in Zoho but only in Klenty, they will be created as a Lead through the use of Triggers, and the activity will be logged..

Adding prefixes can also help you organize your tasks and activities in a more efficient manner. You can use specific prefixes to categorize your tasks based on priority, type, or any other criteria that work best for you for generating Reports and Analytics in Zoho.

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