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What is Placeholder Validation?
What is Placeholder Validation?

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When running email campaigns, it is crucial to make sure that the placeholders used in your template match at least one standard or custom field within Klenty.

Klenty validates the placeholders you have used in your template to avoid any errors when adding emails to your Cadence. If you haven't mapped a particular placeholder to a field, fix it by adding a custom field without leaving the screen,

Klenty also checks for possible typos, text-cases and even suggests the correct placeholder to use.

When importing Prospects via CSV files

Besides validating placeholders in your email templates, Klenty also checks if you have accurately mapped your fields when importing Prospects via CSV files. You can see the list of placeholders used in your Cadence and fix any issues before enrolling those Prospects in the Cadence.

For example - if you used the field 'Department' in your emails but you had not mapped it in Klenty yet, the field will appear 'unchecked' in the list of fields used in your Cadence. Once you map it, the checkbox will turn green - indicating that you are good to go!

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