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Explanation on Pipedrive-Klenty two way sync

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The Pipedrive-Klenty integration allows you to create advanced automation workflows and eliminate manual tasks you do to keep your data in sync. 

The two-way sync is an extension of that:

With this, you can keep your contacts in sync between Pipedrive and Klenty. Any changes to people in Pipedrive will sync to prospects in Klenty and vice versa.

To enable, go to Settings > CRM > Pipedrive > Field Mapping

Not all fields in filed mapping support two-way sync.

Person fields:

You will not be able to change the values for certain default fields like Phone, and Email, Prospect status, and Cadence name. For the name and organization field, you will be able to choose one among the three syncs using the small arrow, pointed below.

Organization field:

You will be able to do only one-way sync in this section, the sync happens from Klenty and it cannot be changed or altered.

Deal fields:

Deal Title will work both ways only if you choose a custom field while mapping in Klenty. If you choose a default field like Email, the sync works only one way.

For the custom fields which you created in Klenty, all three syncs will be available.

To know which fields has which synchronization, please feel free to explore by using

dropdown arrow, as you select a value from the dropdown you can notice the changes happening in the synchronization section.

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