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Can I re-schedule emails?
Can I re-schedule emails?

Changing the delivery time for emails already scheduled.

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Set up Email Cadences but want to reschedule those emails to a different time?

No worries. You can do this from Emails > Outbox.

Select the emails you want to reschedule, and click on Reschedule.

Pick a time you want to reschedule emails and click on Confirm.

Note: You can reschedule a maximum of 100 emails, at one go.

Once you've clicked reschedule, you'll be able to select one of the alternatives listed below,

  • Do not reschedule if outside the cadence delivery window - Email won't be rescheduled if the current time is outside the delivery window

  • Ignore the cadence delivery window - Emails will be scheduled even if the current time is outside the delivery window.

*Delivery window is the time frame you choose in a cadence to send out emails*

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