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Importing Contacts from HubSpot
Importing Contacts from HubSpot

Add Contacts from HubSpot to Klenty

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Before you begin:

  1. Make sure that your HubSpot account is connected to Klenty (You can refer to this article if you need help with setting up the integration)

  2. Ensure that you have at least one List created in HubSpot for the Contacts that you want to import to Klenty.

There are two ways of importing HubSpot Contacts into Klenty:

  1. You can import prospects from the CRM Settings page

  2. You can import them while adding prospects to your Cadence

To import contacts from the CRM Settings page:

  1. Head to Settings > CRM Settings > Hubspot

  2. Click on Import Prospects

3. You will now see all the Lists that you have created in HubSpot right here inside Klenty

4. Hover on the List name to find the Import button

5. After clicking on Import, add these prospects to a specific List in Klenty. You can either choose an existing list or create a new one

6. You can also dynamically assign your prospects to different lists by choosing the Select HubSpot field option. Similarly, you can tag your prospects as well

7. Using the 'Assign to' option,

  • You can choose the 'Contact owner' option so that the same owner in Hubspot will reflect in Klenty as the prospect owner

  • Or you can set the ownership of the prospects to any of your teammates in Klenty

8. Finally, click on Start Import on the top right. You'll see a Success message of the prospects imported.

Importing prospects while adding them to a Cadence

When adding prospects to a Cadence, you can choose the option Import from Hubspot directly. This will ensure that all the contacts imported from HubSpot are added to the cadence immediately.

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