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Mapping HubSpot Fields to Klenty
Mapping HubSpot Fields to Klenty
Explanation on importing Contacts along with their properties to Klenty
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To import Contacts along with their data from HubSpot to Klenty, you'll first need to map HubSpot fields (properties) with Klenty.

By default, Klenty automatically maps a few standard fields such as first name, last name, email address, company, and phone number of the Contact in HubSpot,

Then, there are a few additional fields that you can enable/ disable as per your requirements,

If you've created any Custom Properties for your Contacts in HubSpot, you can import that data to Klenty by creating corresponding fields and mapping them.

To create a Custom Field:

  • Click on the dropdown next to the corresponding field and you will find the option to "Create custom field"

  • Once the field is created, you should be able to map the Hubspot field to the corresponding Klenty field

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