Use Triggers to log activities, create tasks and update Hubspot in real-time.

To set up Triggers:

  1. Navigate to Settings > CRM Settings > Triggers

  2. Enable the Triggers that are required for your workflow

Here's how they work:

For all the engagement triggers, an email will be logged for the respective contact in Hubspot, and not an activity,

Meeting booked in Calendly

If you have integrated your Calendly account to Klenty and a prospect books a meeting with you - a call is logged for the respective contact in Hubspot,

Tasks/ calls triggers:

Whenever a task/ call is created for a prospect in Klenty, a corresponding task (along with the notes) gets scheduled for the respective contact in Hubspot,

Marking the task/ call as complete in Klenty automatically updates it in Hubspot as well,

If a Contact does not exist in Hubspot:

If you're reaching out to prospects who do not already exist in Hubspot, you can enable this setting.

Klenty will then create these contacts in Hubspot first and then record the activity for them.

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