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Can I control access to certain actions for my team?
Can I control access to certain actions for my team?

User Permissions aka Admin Controls, explained.

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Settings > Admin > User Permissions

The module shown above allows Admins and Owners to control some actions available to their regular team members. You can find it under the "Admin" page within Settings. Please note that the feature is not part of our Startup plan. In addition, regular team members cannot see or interact with this module.

Admins can make changes to their team's behavior by simply checking or unchecking the boxes next to the action in question. Their own permissions, and the permissions of Team Owners, cannot be changed. The changes will take effect immediately. Look for a confirmation message that will appear at the top right of your screen. The list of actions that can be restricted or granted are as follows:

Prospect Permissions:

  1. View other User's Prospects

  2. Delete Prospects

  3. Edit prospect Custom fields

  4. Edit tags

  5. Edit high intent settings

  6. Edit blacklist domains

  7. Edit website tracking

  8. Edit outcomes

Cadence Permissions:

  1. View other users' cadence list

  2. View other users' cadences

  3. Use other users' From id

  4. Change cadence owner

Email Permissions:

  1. Edit unsubscribe link text

  2. Turn email tracking on/off

  3. Edit safety settings

  4. View emails scheduled by other users

  5. View replies received by other users

  6. View emails sent by other users

  7. View other users live feed

  8. Delete emails

Call Permissions:

  1. Call recording

  2. Purchase Credits

  3. Link and buy number

  4. Assign Numbers to users

  5. Delete numbers

  6. Manage individual call recording

Deliverability Permissions:

  1. Email Limit

  2. Email Interval

  3. Edit individual email limit

  4. Edit individual email interval

  5. Edit custom domain tracking

Integration permissions:

  1. Edit team API

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