Create "Lists" in Klenty to quickly search for the set of prospects you'd like to start a cadence with. You can filter prospects based on the "List" name and selectively add them to a cadence.

Creating a "List" in Klenty:

While importing prospects, specify the list name. You can either enter a new list name or choose an existing list.

You can find all the lists created from the "Prospects > Lists"

Creating Dynamic Lists based on a Custom Field:

With dynamic lists, you can automatically create a list of prospects with a specific criterion. This criterion can be a custom field such as country, job title, industry, etc.

For example, let's say you have a list of 50 prospects from five different countries. If you choose "country" as the criterion while creating the list, Klenty will automatically create 5 different lists with the names of the countries; all the prospects that belong to a specific country will be assigned to that "country" list.

Choose "Custom Field" as the criterion.

On hitting "Start Import," Klenty will create dynamic lists based on the criteria you chose. You can find these lists on the "Prospect" page.

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