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Playbooks: Automate Your Middle-of-the -Funnel Activities (Growth plan only)
Playbooks: Automate Your Middle-of-the -Funnel Activities (Growth plan only)

Filter prospects based on engagement and move them to cadences tailored to their actions.

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As your cadences progress, you will have prospects with various levels of engagement - prospects that open your emails, prospects that clicked a link in the emails, etc.

Now, you can create different automated workflows to filter these prospects based on their engagement and execute a certain action.

First, to set this feature up:

Head to the "Playbooks" tab inside any cadence.

Here you will find a set of pre-built playbooks to choose from.

You can also create your own custom playbooks -

Here are the different criteria you can filter a prospect on

For any given criterion, here are the different actions you can perform

Example Workflows

Here are a few example workflows that'll help you chain your cadences when a prospect meets a specified criterion.

For example, if a prospect has opened multiple times or clicked on a link, automatically move them to another cadence. Now, this new cadence can be tailor-made for prospects that are engaging with emails in the previous cadence.

That way, you can send more personalized follow-ups to prospects that are engaging with your emails.

When a prospect opens your email, you could:

  • Stop the existing cadence.

  • Move them to a new cadence.

You can also set a delay as to when you'd like to send emails from the new cadence.

If a prospect replies, you can create a task (or any action of your choice).

You can set up more complex workflows by adding multiple conditions to filter prospects and move them to a new cadence (or any other action).

Unless the conditions applied are satisfied, the corresponding actions will not be executed.

You can check the logs of your automation workflow here:

You can edit or remove your automation setup here:

Also, point to be noted once you Edit the setup workflow you will lose the History of logs that were there before the changes were made.

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