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How do I create a Team in Klenty?
How do I create a Team in Klenty?

Adding new licenses and forming a team in Klenty.

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As you expand your sales outreach, you might want to add new users and form a team in Klenty.

Forming a team in Klenty allows you to share prospects, cadences, templates, reports, and other data with your team members.

To create a Team

Head to Settings > Team Settings > Give a Team Name. This Team Name will now be designated to your company's Klenty instance.

After giving your Team Name, Click on "Invite Team Member" and provide the email address of your team member that you'd like to add to your team.

Finally, hit "Invite" (In a paid subscription, you will be immediately charged on a prorated basis).

Your team member will now receive an email from Klenty asking him to sign up. That will add them to your team in Klenty.

Note: In case your team member doesn't receive an email from us, they can sign up directly with the email address you added in Klenty. They will receive an in-app notification for the invite.

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