As your deals move down the pipeline, you might want to send tailor-made emails depending upon your prospects' pipeline stage.

With the Playbook "Add Prospects to Cadence when they enter a Pipedrive deal stage" - you can build a tailor-made cadence for each stage in the pipeline. When a prospect enters this particular deal stage, they will be automatically started in the associated cadence - ensuring they're sufficiently nurtured as they progress through the pipeline.

Two main conditions for this playbook to work in an automated manner are,

  1. The cadence owner. The cadence owner should be the same as the owner of the deal that you're trying to automatically push to a cadence.

  2. Another necessary condition for the cadence to kick-off automatically is the deal owner. The deal owner and the cadence owner doesn't have to be the same.

To set this up, head to the "Playbooks" section inside your cadence > Try the Playbook "Add Prospects to Cadence when they enter a Pipedrive deal stage".

Now, you'll see a prompt to choose a pipeline and specify the deal stage. From the dropdown, you can choose the deal owner.

You can find all the pipelines you've created in your Pipedrive account here. Choose a pipeline and a deal stage -

Finally, "Confirm". Your Playbook is live now.

You can choose to stop the cadence when the deal stage changes or if it is marked as lost or won:

You can check the logs of your Playbooks in the history section.

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