There are several ways in which you can edit and personalize your emails before you send them.

One such way is via the "Preview and Start" section. Before you launch the Cadence, you can preview how the Cadence is panning out for each of your prospects.

On the left, you can see every prospect you're trying to enroll in the Cadence. On the right, you can check how the Cadence will look like for this prospect.

If you'd like to make any changes, personalize your emails for specific prospects or spot any errors in the emails before you launch the Cadence - you can do that here.

For example, suppose any placeholders did not get replaced in the emails for a prospect. In that case, they are indicated using an exclamation mark next to the prospect's name.

You can then check how the Cadence is looking for this prospect - replace the placeholders with the corresponding field values - for Klenty to launch the Cadence for this prospect.

(If the placeholders are not replaced, Klenty will not launch the Cadence for that prospect).

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