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How can I personalize individual emails in a cadence?
How can I personalize individual emails in a cadence?

The flexibility of editing/making changes to your cadence emails up until the point they are sent to prospects.

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Once the cadence is live, you might want to personalize emails for specific prospects. You might want to add an attachment, send a proposal, etc.

To edit/customize your emails for specific prospects, head to the "Emails" tab inside the cadence.

The "Emails" tab inside the cadence is where you can find individual emails scheduled for each prospect. You can open the email copy, edit it, and save the changes - so that updated emails are sent to your prospects.

You can click on any email copy to open it.

You can see how the entire cadence is panning for this prospect. You can personalize every email in the cadence if you like.

Make sure to hit "Save Changes" at each step of the cadence.

Similarly, you can personalize individual emails for specific prospects.

That's it. You're good to go! Send personalized emails to your prospects and get better responses.

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