How to add a signature to your Email?

1. Create a new signature

Head to Settings > Emails > Signatures > Give a signature name and add in the signature body (customize it using the formatting options)

2. Add the signature to your Email

While drafting your Email, click on the icon “Signature”, where you can find the signature name that you just created

On clicking the signature name, you can easily add the signature to your email.

Tired of adding the signature each time while drafting? Well, we got you covered!

There is an option to set a signature as Default. When it’s set up, the default signature gets added while drafting your email template. (Note: Only one signature can be set as default).

So, how to set Default signature?

In Settings > Emails > Signatures, check the box Set as Default and click on save.

How to use multiple signatures?

When there are multiple users in your team, the respective signature of each user can be inserted in the email.

Click on the Placeholder icon > User tab > Click on Signature.

The signature is inserted as a placeholder. (Note: The default signature of the user who adds prospects to the cadence, will only be replaced by {{user. Signature}}).

Advantage of using the signature placeholder

With the signature placeholder: The changes that you make to the signature in settings, will be updated when the emails are sent. But, it doesn't happen if the signature is added to the template from the signature icon.

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