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How to enable fallback for my placeholders?
How to enable fallback for my placeholders?

Highly useful when there are missing values for the placeholders

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You have the option to set up fallback text in case of missing values for any of your placeholders. For example, let’s say your email begins with:

Hi {{FirstName}}, how are you?…

If the first name is missing for a few of your prospects, you can add fallback text to replace it:

Hi {{FirstName||there}}, how are you?...

How do you add fallback text?

  1. Click on the {{Placeholder}} icon

  2. Choose a placeholder from the list

  3. Check the box “Enable Fallback”

  4. Add a static value

Now, let’s see what the email looks like to a prospect for whom there is no value in the FirstName field.

Similarly, you can add fallback text for any placeholders you may have.

  • {{Company||your company}}

  • Merry Christmas, {{LastName||pal}}

How Setting a Fallback helps:

Fallbacks can help overcome the error “Missing placeholder details. Update the Prospect and try again.”

This error occurs when the prospects you add to a cadence don’t have values for the placeholders you’ve used.

In this case, if you have a fallback text setup for your placeholders - the fallback values will be used when some of your prospects do not have field values.

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