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Awaiting Approval: How does it work?
Awaiting Approval: How does it work?

Customize your emails from Outbox before sending them

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Awaiting approval option allows you to have control over the emails to be sent out and customize them from the Outbox before sending them.

How to enable the "Awaiting Approval" option?

  • Once you create a cadence, Change the cadence emails as Manual email which needs to be approved before sending.

  • These emails will not be sent unless you approve them.

How to approve emails?

You can approve/ access the emails from within the Cadence and the Outbox.

Approving Emails from within the Cadence:

  • Head to the Cadences > Emails > Awaiting Approval.

  • If you want to approve all the emails in the awaiting approval section, hit the option "Start 2 Email" (number 2 changes based on the total number of emails you have in your cadence),

  • Or, if you wish to approve a specific set of emails, you can select them and click on "Approve."

  • You will then be redirected to a page in which you edit the email content if needed and approve the email.

  • You can also notice how many emails are waiting for your approval in the top right corner.

  • Once approved, the email will be sent.

Approving Emails from primary Outbox:

  • Navigate to Outbox > Awaiting Approval.

Other steps in approving the emails are the same as in Approving from within the Cadence.

Also, in the above screenshot, you will notice three more options - Reschedule, Approve, Stop Cadence.

  • Reschedule - Reschedule the emails to the selected date and time.

  • Approve - Directly approve the selected emails if you don't want to edit the emails waiting in the approval section.

  • Stop Cadence - Select the prospects and stop all the cadence or any specific cadence they are a part of.

Note: The difference between approving emails from within the Cadence and the Outbox is that you can see emails from all the cadences waiting for your approval in the Outbox section, whereas the Cadence's Awaiting Approval section displays emails only specific to it.

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